This webpage is a database of Carswell family records.

Our aim is to make available family records in a digital medium for family and researchers as a matter of interest and preservation.

Currently, all Carswell lines on this website trace their origins back to the town of Neilston in Renfrewshire, Scotland. This family is of very ancient origin in this area.

The Richmond Carswells of Canada are represented by the descendants of James Carswell

The Stuarts River, NSW Austalia family are represented by the descendants of Allan Carswell of The 17 Pound Land

The Canberra ACT Australia family are represented by the descendants of Robert Carswell of Renfrew

The Tasmanian branch of the family are represented by the descendants of Thomas Carswell of Muirhouse.


This website is a development of the collaboration for the Carswell Y-DNA project. Beginning in 2006, this project's aim is:

1. To identify the modal familial haplogroups and clade lines within the family.
2. Confirm relationships between families.
3. Identify previously unknown relationships.
4. Contribute to the study of British and Irish clan history and population movements over time.

The public website, with results, can be found at

Any interested male with the surname Carswell, Kersewell, Cresswell or similar spelling is encouraged to join this dynamic project! Contact the Carswell Surname Project Coordinator and request details.