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551 There is some doubt over the correct birth date of John, maybe 1804 ? CARSWELL, John (I083)
552 They seemed always to have lived around Bowmore. John was an agricultural worker or crofter and the three addresses known for him, were Nosbridge, (the particularly lovely site of an old iron age fort), Daill and Kilbrannon Farms.
(Having studied the Day Book of Daniel Campbell of Shawfield, I have come to the conclusion(rightly or wrongly) that the name "Keith" was derived from McIchan or McInchan around the early 1800s.) If this is correct then I may have started out life as Johan McIchen McElhatten, wgat a handle! 
Keith, John (I908)
553 This is The Timaru Herald 26 March 1941
>Deaths. Stevenson: - On March 25 1941 at her residence 9 Campbell Street,
>Timaru, Margaret Carswell, youngest daughter of the late William and Deliah
>Stevenson. Deeply regretted. R.I.P. Private Internement. Requim Mass at the
>Church of the Sacred Heart at 7am today.

18 STEVENSON, M C 26/3/1941 Timaru Cemetery

Margaret or Mary was an artist ,. Sarah Littlejohn sent me the photos of the paintings.

Stevenson, Margaret Carswell (I375)
554 Thomas born to 2nd wife, Janet Lawrie, died in 1948, age 65. He lived at 63 Paisley Road, Barrhead. He was a Joiner Journeyman, married to Jeanie McIntyre Stirling. Son in law John Pollock, 121 Stamperland Gdns, Clarkston, registered the death. Sterling, Jeanie McIntyre (I651)
555 Thomas born to 2nd wife, Janet Lawrie, died in 1948, age 65. He lived at 63 Paisley Road, Barrhead. He was a Joiner Journeyman, married to Jeanie McIntyre Stirling. Son in law John Pollock, 121 Stamperland Gdns, Clarkston, registered the death. Source Johan. Carswell, Thomas (I657)
556 Thomas Carswell wrote :-Allan was 81 in Febr 1924.& lives on a big farm (his own) in ?Crewe? Presumably in Cheshire .Thomas Carswell did not know where the" brothers are now."

Dwelling: 8 Grove St 1881 Census Census Place: Ardwick, Lancashire, England Source: FHL Film 1341930 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3894 Folio 60 Page 16 Marr Age Sex Birthplace Allan CRAIG M 37 M Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Draper Margaret CRAIG M 34 F Scotland Rel: Wife Annie M. CRAIG 8 F Manchester, Lancashire, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar Jeanie CRAIG 6 F Manchester, Lancashire, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar Margaret CRAIG 4 F Manchester, Lancashire, England Rel: Daur Allan CRAIG 1 M Manchester, Lancashire, England Rel: Son Mary E. HIGHFIELD U 19 F Stretton, Cheshire, England Rel: Serv Occ: Domestic General

1901 Census for England. Here is what I found on Allan Craig and family. Johan.
Name Age Born Address
Allan Craig 21 Manchester Lancs Essex Horndon On Hill Farmers Son
Allan Craig 57 Scotland Essex Horndon On Hill Farmer
Andrew Craig 17 Manchester Lancs Essex Horndon On Hill Farmers Son
Annie Craig 28 Manchester Lancs Essex Horndon On Hill
Janet Craig 14 Manchester Lancs Essex Horndon On Hill
Margaret Craig 24 Manchester Lancs Essex Horndon On Hill
Margaret Craig 54 Scotland Essex Horndon On Hill 
Craig, Allan (I144)
557 Thomas Jas., admitted 24/11/1884 son of Wm. Stevenson of Washdyke, b.
May 1879, dest. Waimataitai. (no last day or prev. school listed)

. Ref: NZ Gazette 1911 “TJ Stevenson of Timaru NZ applied for a patent for a weed & root crop lifter No. 29958 on 2 August 1911.” Auckland Weekly News MISCELLANEOUS Thursday 22nd July 1915 STEVENSON, T J, walked into the open sea off the beach at Napier and drowned on Thursday last. Believed to have been a Chief Engineer at a freezing works and had just undergone surgery at Wellington. A letter to him was found in his pocket address: Carswell Levels, South Canterbury. 
Stevenson, Thomas James (I379)
558 Thomas's wife must have been referring to John McKay, son of John and Margaret Carswell, first cousin to Thomas. I just looked for John Jnr's death cert and found it at 2nd attempt....not bad for such a common name. He died in Paisley Infirmary on 15 March 1925, age 69 Farmer (retired) (single) father & mother as we know, Cause Cerebral Haemorrhage. Interestingly, James M Sharp Jnr, nephew of Napierston Farm, Alexandria informed the death. I think I did know that James M Sharp worked on his Uncle Robert McKay's farm, but don't know where I knew it from. McKay, John (I552)
559 Thread Baller Carswell, Catherine (I655)
560 Trained as carpenter under father but became head chauffeur to Sir Henry & Lady Grey.

Left Enville for Australia Aug 18 1926 with family.
Died aged 72. 
Smallman, Richard Smith (I595)
561 Twin Young, Allan (I527)
562 Twin Young, James (I526)
563 Twin CARSWELL, Bruce Alfred (I45)
564 Twin CARSWELL, Donald David (I44)
565 Un proven as there are 2 Hugh Stevensons born Neilston in 1823

Hugh STEVENSON M 57 M Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Head
Occ: Farmer Of 700 Acres Of Which 300 Arable Employing 5 Men 4 Women & 3 Boys
Elisabeth STEVENSON M 58 F Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Wife
Occ: Farmers Wife
Maggie STEVENSON U 15 F Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Daur
Occ: Farmers Daur
Catherine MC LELLAN U 30 F Kilchoman, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Serv
Occ: Dairymaid (Dom Serv)
Flora FERGUSON U 31 F Kilchoman, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Serv
Occ: Gen Serv (Dom)
Catherine FERGUSON U 20 F Kilchoman, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Serv
Occ: Gen Serv (Dom)
Mary CAMPBELL U 19 F Kildalton, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Serv
Occ: Gen Serv (Dom)
Archibald MC ARTHUR U 18 M Kildalton, Argyll, Scotland
Rel: Serv
Occ: Shepherd
Marriage: 02 NOV 1858 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

Source Information:
Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:

M115721 1855 - 1875 6035516 REGISTER Film NONE

Stevenson, Hugh (I1203)
566 Uncle Tom, a painter by trade.Married ,No children.Seems to have broken away from the rest of the family
I have not heard of him for years .Probably deceased now. 
Murray, Thomas M (I1669)
567 Unmarried. Copper mine manager.Nephew WC Hood nephew, registered death

I think we can rule out Allan C son of William, the butcher. His death record shows that he died in 1935, age 76, at Hill Street Glasgow (must be a hospital). His occ. was Shipping Clerk (retired) and his wife was Mary Smith Rankine. Their usual address was 57 Marina Road, Prestwick. His brother Wm Carswell, Northpark, Barrhead, reg'd the death.Source Johan.

Carswell, William Mitchell (I564)
Family F68
569 V1856122 86/1856 HAWKINS WILLIAM THOMPSON RUTH IB  Family F441
570 V18582738 142A/1858 FORD CHARLOTTE J WILLIAM H CATHERINE Ford, Charlotte Jane (I186)
571 Was living a Barrhouse when married to Janet Sproul Was vintner at Thistle & Crown Neilston. Carswell, James (I31)
572 Was not alive by 1881 census. Ellen Critchley (I1645)
573 Washdyke School Rolls
Robt., son of W. Stevenson of Washdyke, last day Dec 1888, destination
Pleasant Point. (No birth date or admission date listed, the latter
noted "would be 1886", last school listed as "none".)

Timaru Herald 12 August 1943
>Deaths. Stevenson. On August 11 1943 at his residence 6 Campbell Street,
>Timaru, Robert, dearly loved third son of the late William and Deliah
>Stevenson, late of Levels. Private Internment.
>21 STEVENSON, ROBERT 14/8/1943 Timaru Cemetery

No known marriage. 
Stevenson, Robert (I376)
574 When married he was a mechanic. By 1871 he was according to the census record he was a cotton mill manager at West Arthurlie. James Maxwell Sharp (I903)
575 Widower age 56 at marriage . source Johan

5 September 1876 at Barrhead, John Brown, Joiner?, widower, age 54 lives Barrhead, father James Brown, Mason, Deceased, Mother, Agnes Brown, MS Stevenson (would you believe!) Deceased, to Agnes Carswell, Grocer, Widow, age 40 Lives Barrhead, father John Stevenson, Farmer Deceased, Mother Jane Stevenson ms Wark, Deceased. Witnesses Neil Thomson, and Marion Steele. Source Johan. 
Brown, John (I1257)
576 Wife was beneficiary of Thomas Carswells will 1879. "Widow of Allan Stewart farmer of Greenhill Neilston"

1861 Census.
Greenhill Stewart Allan head m m 48 farmer of 65 acres RFW Neilston
Stewart Jean wife m f 32 farmer's wife RFW Neilston
Stewart Margaret dau u f 15 farmer's dau RFW Neilston
Stewart Allan son u m 14 farmer's son RFW Neilston
Stewart John son u m 11 farmer's son RFW Neilston
Stewart James son u m 9 scholar RFW Neilston
Stewart Hugh son u m 4 RFW Neilston
Stewart Robert son u m 2 RFW Neilston
Paterson Andrew stpson u m 11 scholar 
Stewart, Allan (I1343)
577 William Brown his brother in law was one of the witnesses Family F210
578 William Gemmell Junior Silkweaver & Janet Watt Daughter of Alexander Watt.
Family F306
579 WILLIAM STEVENSON, in 1918, to a JESSIE MITCHELL MURRAY. Folio 2957. May be the one you need. Marriage certificates available at: $NZ20.00 for an electronic printout.

William and Jessie were married in Riwaka ( April 29 1918 ) at Jim Scotts house – the house still exists. I know they weren’t able to marry in a church because she was Catholic and he was Presbyterian. The deal was the boys would be bought up Catholic and the girls Presbyterian. John Murray was a witness so I assume he was a son of Janets brother who lived in NZ ? According to the marriage certificate John Murray was a farmer at Riwaka. Source Sarah Littlejohn.

William was 44 when married, a farmer Residence present Motueka, Usual Albury,
Jessie Mitchell Murray aged 36 ,Domestic duties,Spinster,b. Argyll Scotland,Father George Murray, Gamekeeper mother Janet Murray Mitchell,Residence Present :-Motueka, Usual :-Timaru
In the presence of Jim Scott Farmer Riivaka ? & John Murray Farmer Riivaka.
by Wm J Harvey Minister Presbyterian.
Family F530
580 Witnesses at wedding were Thomas Craig & Rokina Mc Kean. Family F42
581 Worked as ladies maid at Ragley Hall in Warickshire.She became friendly with Gertrude Ainge one of the daughters of the game keeper on the big estate. Her brother Richard used to cycle the 30 miles to see his sister & met Gertrude & they married.

Emigrated to Australia with son John Colin Carswell. Daughter Winifred arrived in Australia a few years earlier.Married Mr. Collins & lived with him in Springs Road Kulnura.She still lived there for some time after he died until she broke her hip & her daughter Winnie & son in law Oscar Ranking built her a cottage on their farm on Forest Rd Kulnura. 
Smallman, Eleanor (I97)
582 Writer deceased in8 Oct 1886 Anderson, Mathew (I1291)

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