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151 36930/1967 MOORE SYLVIA JOHN CHARLOTTE ST LEONARDS Fagan, Sylvia (I187)
153 4246/1889 BEST JAMES F JAY EDITH E CENTRAL CUM Proven with Ediths death cert. Family F450
155 4354/1890 PHILLIPS RUBY M M GEORGE B MARY T ARMIDALE Phillips, Ruby M M (I1432)
158 5 Dec 1896 at Assembly Rooms, Crown St Glasgow, William Wyper, Provision Merchant (Widower) age 43, 246 Calder St. Glasgow to Margaret Carswell (spinster) age 34 of Lugton, Beith. His father William Wyper (coal miner) and mother Mary Wyper ms Hogg (doesn't say deceased). Her father William Carswell (farmer) (deceased) and Margaret (crossed out) Janet Speirs (written in above) ms Lagg (or something that looks like that (crossed out) Lang (deceased). Witnesses WH Bulloch and Maggie lindsay (could this be Margaret Lindsay born 1861 dau of janet S and Walter Lindsay) Family F508
159 5179/1887 RUPRECHT MARTIN C LEE JANE T Family F460

Married her second cousin. 
Family F444
162 9756/1902 SPICER JAMES D HODGSON MADELINE B NEWTOWN Hodgson, Madaline B (I1409)
163 : British Isles
Father: James Brown, Mother: Jean Carswell
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1. Alexander Brown - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 14 JAN 1859 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

2. Janet Brown - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 29 MAY 1860 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

3. Alexander Brown - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 14 JAN 1859 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

4. Alexander Brown - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 14 JAN 1859 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

5. MARGARET BARR BROWN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 20 MAR 1862 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

6. JAMES BROWN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 19 MAY 1857 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

7. JANET BROWN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 29 MAY 1860 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

8. ALEXANDER BROWN - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Birth: 14 JAN 1859 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland

9. Janet Brown - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Birth: 29 MAY 1860 Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland 
Brown, James (I1126)
164 A cotton spinner. In 1851 he lived at Arthurlie . He died a widower in 1864. Sharp, William (I905)
165 A dairy maid at Craig of Neilston when married.Died soon after last child Dugal was born.
Catherine McKechnie, Servant,Un Marr. 25, Argyllshire

The family address at that time was Stevenson's Land, Cross Stobs. Following Catherine's death, John's sister Catherine looked after the family, but by 1891 it was another sister Elizabeth Aunt Leezie who was living with them at Hairlaw Farm. Research shows that Catherine married a farmer Alexander McMillan. She died in 1914. It is unlikely that she had any children, as it was nephew Nicol who registered the death. Aunt Leezie had married a joiner John Leitch, they had two children. It seems unlikely that they survived childhood as once again it was nephew Nicol who registered her death in 1924. Dugald named his second daughter after Aunt Leezie, and Donald and Elma still have a favourite Aunt Liz, mother of Margaret and Johan, of course. 
McKecknie, Catherine (I907)
166 a Doctor. Now lives in Abergele Craig, John (I741)
167 A great traveller. ,married in Vancouver then living in China with her husband & 3 boys for a number of years, before returning to England, then many years later followed the Smallmans to Australia. Smallman, Anne (Cissie) (I596)
168 A Roman Catholic!! O'Malley, Maude M (I1491)
169 A salesman.In 1934 they lived in Milwaukkee. Known as Gordon as his mother Winnie did not want the confusion of having 2 Allans's in the home! Died of congestive heart disease. Carswell, Allan Gordon (I89)
170 A soldier . Origin unknown. . Son William was born in Neilston. Sharp, Peter (I916)
171 About Greta: Her mother died when she was bout 15 years old, so she then took on the domestic duties in the farm. After she married John Holmes (about 1953, I was her train bearer (flower girl)) she moved to his farm which was West Arthurlie, Barrhead. She has 2 daughters, Margaret and Sheila ( I am Sheila's godmother and she was flower girl at my wedding.... I should have shown you the photos) Eventually the farm was demolished for a housing development, and they moved to the bungalow where Greta has stayed since then. John Holmes died a number of years ago. Source Johan.

I took my mother to visit Greta in hospital yesterday. Remarkably she has recovered from her latest heart attack, but she has deteriorated in her brain function. She covered that up well in the short time we were there, but I don't think she will be able to live independently now. Johan Nov. 2005.

Unfortunately I had some very sad news yesterday. Greta died on Monday evening. As you know she had been ill for some time. In fact it is almost exactly 3 years since she suffered a heart attack whilst having lunch with my mother and another friend in Largs.
I had seen her a few weeks ago, and I think she enjoyed my visit, so now I have a pleasant memory of her. She was part of my whole life. She spoiled me a lot when I was very young, and was always so kind to everyone she knew.
I have lots of early memories, like going on the Glasgow Subway with her and my mother, having tea at the farm, she made great scrambled eggs, and having her on holiday with us at Millport.
I feel so sorry for her daughters, Margaret and Sheila, they will miss their mother so much.
Her funeral is at Neilston Parish Church tomorrow morning, thereafter to the cemetery for burial.
I will be in touch again soon
Johan 4th April 2007 
Carswell, Greta (I977)
172 Aged 76 Moore, Robert (Bert ) (I192)
173 Alexander Carswell aged 51 ,Spirit Merchant Widower of Main Street Neilston,

Helen Hutcheson or Curtis, aged 40,Spirit Merchant ,Widow ,of 9 Garden St Glasgow.daughter of James Hutcheson Spirit Merchant deceased & Janet Campbell previously Hutchenson,m s Young deceased. 
Family F395
174 Alexander Speirs bought Elderslie Estate from Helen Wallace the direct descendent of William Wallace in 1767.
Rental of Estate Crop 1785.Neilstonside Estate.
Tenants Name, Names of farms, Commencement of tacks ,Duration, Money.Pounds
Allan Carswell Crofts Park ect,, 1767 19 43
Ditto. Craig Hill, Dunlet,Tinkercraig Park. 1779 7 55

The Commencement of Tack date 1767 ties in with the date of purchase by Alexander Speirs. 
Carswell, Allan (I5)
175 Alive in 1886 Picken, Mary (I1292)
176 All childen details from IGI Carswell, Jane (I559)
177 Allan from Lonefoot farm at this time Family F8
178 Allan was at Lone foot when he married in 1814 & their first 7 children were born there between 1814 & 1826. Janet was born next ,at Thorterburn in 1829. Carswell, Allan (I26)
179 Also a traveller. Lived all her married life at Redondo Beach in California.

Lily Smallman sailed from Liverpool 29 June 1922 on the "Carmania" Age 35 years 10 months ,Female Single ,dairy maid, Mother Jane Smallman Last permanent address. Enville Stourbridge Staffordshire.,Destination Redondo Beach California 
Smallman, Lily (I601)
180 Also listed as 26 Nov1807 in Abbey Parish. Family F346
181 Also, listed between Thomas and William:

Walter, admitted 3/3/1890, son of " - Stevenson" of washdayke,
destination High School, Timaru. (Note: no admission, prob. 1886.)

Probably not our Stevensons. 
Stevenson, Walter (I381)
182 Although William had fathered 13 children his wife Maggie went on to marry several times and could lay claim to at least 24 children and step children. A remarkable feat for a young Dairy Maid from Scotland. Patterson, Margaret Andrew (I1635)
183 Amy Elizabeth Tuckwell's cousin Roughley, Laura Annie (I1461)
184 And it has just become clear, Janet, the 31 year old niece would indeed be the daughter of James C and Janet Blair. The only children that appear are Robert (Married to McKay and Lawrie) and Janet(above). The family were in the 1851 census, but I don't see them in 1861 yet. Another avenue to follow. Johan.

Dwelling: Main St Andersons Land 1881 Census Place: Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland Source: FHL Film 0203580 GRO Ref Volume 572-2 EnumDist 7 Page 11 Marr Age Sex Birthplace Robert CARSWELL W 48 M Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland Son of Robert C & Agnes Waugh
Rel: Head Occ: Commercial Clerk Janet CARSWELL U 31 F Barrhead, Renfrew, Scotland Rel: Neice Occ: Power Loom Weaver 
Carswell, Janet (I1608)
185 Anne Ferguson of Auchimade, Kilwinning Ferguson, Anne (I1268)
186 Arrived from Derry Ireland. in Sydney in Sept.1848 on 'Hyderbad' from Coleraine Ireland.Died aged 68of Cardiac Dilatation & Cystitis. after 48 years in NSW.Fruit grower. Fagan, William (I229)
187 At Muirhouse in 1851 aged 22 Gilmour, Andrew (I767)
188 AtMuirhouse in 1851 census. Gilmour, Margaret (I766)
189 Barbara Craig of Balgraystone Farm, near Barrhead

1881 Neilston Census shows Barbara unmarried ,aged 28 living with father Jennie & Janet at Madras School Neilston. 
Craig, Barbara (I1133)
190 Barrhead News Friday Jan 2, 1920

Alarming Fire in Neilston

Early on Friday morning last, fire was discovered to have broken out in the tenement at 6 Factory Street Neilston. It is a block of 4 single apartment houses and was fully occupied. Information was conveyed to the Police office, and the fire brigade was summoned. Meantime Constable McTavish had the tenants warned out and most of them found refuge in the houses of neighbours with little more in their possession than the clothing they wore. Much alarm was naturally created in the district and this was intensified when it became known that 2 men were still in one of the houses round which the fire was raging. The constable unable to obtain entrance otherwise broke one of the windows, and entered the apartment, which was full of smoke and he found both men much overcome and one of them severely burned. With assistance he had them conveyed to the Police Office where they were seen by Dr Pride. The Paisley ambulance van was phoned for, and in it both men were conveyed to the Royal Alexandria Infirmary. There names are James McGourlick, the tenant and Wm McElhutton, a visitor. The latter died later in the day.
The Brigade confined the fire to the tenement which was almost destroyed, the damage being estimated at about £400. The origin of the outbreak is not known.

Barrhead News Friday Jan9 1920


HUTTON: Suddenly at the Royal Alexandria Infirmary, Paisley on the 26th December, William Hutton, Kirkton Mill, Neilston, in his 50th year.


Mrs Hutton and family return(?) their sincere thanks to all friends and neighbours, also workers at Kirktonfield Works for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes in their sad and recent bereavement. Kirkton Mill Neilston 
Hutton, William (I1188)
191 Barrhouse is owned by Elderslie Estates, landlords of about a third of Renfrewshire for several centuries. We have made a preliminary foray into their archives and found records dated 1797 of an Allan Carswell renting Craig of Neilston and Barrhouse in the Neilstonside Estate, for £115 pa from 1786 to 1805. Prior to that in 1769 it is noted that John Carswell of Neilstonside rented Barrhouse for £9:8:4 (From letter by Bruce Henry dig director at Barrhouse.)

Gravestone in front of church in Neilston. 
Carswell, Allan (I10)
192 Became known as Aunt Lizzie. Keith, Elizabeth (I940)
193 Benificiary of Thomas Carswells Will 1879, Domestic Servant with Thomas Leburn Arnot, Laurel Bank ,Partick.

1881 Census possible only as birth date a few years early.
Dwelling: 94 Sandyfaulds St
Census Place: Govan, Lanark, Scotland
Source: FHL Film 0203671 GRO Ref Volume 644-11 EnumDist 61 Page 9
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Eliz. STEVENSON U 40 F Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Head
Occ: Dairymaid 
Stevenson, Elizabeth (I158)
194 Benificiary of Thomas Carswells Will 1879. :" Isabella Stevenson or McQuie wife if McQuie , Land Steward , Cheshire.
1881 Census

Dwelling: Station St
Census Place: Bramhall, Cheshire, England
Source: FHL Film 1341835 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3486 Folio 125 Page 63
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
John MC QUIE M 52 M Scotland
Rel: Head
Occ: Forester
Isabella MC QUIE M 39 F Scotland
Rel: Wife
John MC QUIE 13 M Sudbury, Derby, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Hugh A. MC QUIE 11 M Sudbury, Derby, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Elizabeth MC QUIE 9 F Poynton, Cheshire, England
Rel: Dau
Occ: Scholar 
Stevenson, Isabella (I1359)
195 Birth
CARSWELL John Prestbury Cheshire East PRE/14/45 1877

Married on 6th April 1904 & was the baillif at Lyme Park then.
Bailiff at Lyme Park Disley Cheshire.Also known as Jack. Had an operation in the Royal Infirmary a day or two after 21 Febr. 1921 Died of stomach cancer aged 44 on 21 Jan 1922 within 12 months of leasing the home farm at Lyme Park.(Plattwood.) 
Carswell, John (I96)
196 Birth Moore, Jessie M (I1459)
197 Birth 1850 CARSWELL Robert Prestbury Cheshire East PRE/4/97 1850

Lived at Redbrook with Allan his father & continued to live there after his death. Robert found his father shot & rendered assistance. He also gave evidence at the Coroners Inquest. . Died in Blackpool.Buried Bispham Blackpool.

1891 Census.
James Ward , Head, 61, Farmer,born Hough Cheshire.
Mary Ann Ward, Wife, 61, born Marthal Cheshire.
Letilia Ward, Daughter, Single, 37 born Macclesfield.
Herbert Earnest Ward, Son , 21 Single , born Prestbury.
Robert Carswell, Servant,Single , 41, Agricultural Farm Servant, born Butley.

1901 Census
Margaret Carswell ,head,57, Lodging House Keeper Norbreck Blackpool north Lanc.,born Scotland
Agnes Carswell ,Sister, Partner in House ,47, born Prestbury , Cheshire.
Robert Carswell, Brother, 51 , No occupation , born Prestbury Cheshire. 
Carswell, Robert (I73)
198 Birth & Ch. date from Diog Family History

Name: Margaret STEVENSON Given Name: Margaret Surname: Stevenson Sex: F Birth: 22 NOV 1829 in Milshird,Neilston,Renfrew,Scotland Christening: 6 DEC 1829 Neilston,Renfrew,Scotland Death: 23 DEC 1881 in 210 Rutherglen Loan,Gorbals,Glasgow,Lanark, Scotland Change Date: 30 MAY 2001 at 16:56:52

Benificiary of Thomas Carswells Will 1879 "Margaret Stevenson or Diog wife of Henry Diog Dairyman Rutherglen Loan Glasgow" 
Stevenson, Margaret (I155)
199 Birth 1888 CARSWELL Thomas Prestbury Cheshire East PRE/17/86 1888

Bachelor, Always playing jokes & acting the giddy ox!!

You mention the name 'Carswell of Prestbury' in 'Trying To Find' - this is a long-shot, I know, but are you aware of any Carswell in your tree, of Prestbury, that fathered a child to a housemaid in 1916? I believe he then went to serve with the army in India and possibly became a Lieutenant!? His forename is unknown to me!
Hi John, thanks for your reply. The lady in mention is/was my Grandmother - she died in 1985. As a girl she worked as a house-maid of some sorts. I believe she was employed to work in a mansion for a well known 'Carswell' family of Prestbury. It is said that the pregnancy brought shame to all concerned and "kept-behind-closed-doors" back in those days! My info regarding the army/war may be inaccourate - I will try to investigate further with the details you have sent me!! Regards Chaz.

1st World War veteran.

Tom had a daughter out of wedlock in 1915/1916. Information from her son Charles ? states that his grandmother was a house servant to a welll known Carswell family at Prestbury& the father went off to India in the army & became a Lieutenant ?
Betty Tandour learnt after Toms death from her parents the fact that he had a daughter & that he wished to marry the mother but family presure prevented it. She was from a "respected farming family & would have been a good wife"

"Charles"the son of Thomas's daughter may be Charles Dunk ( from his email address Chaz4Dunk@aol.com or jazzybeat62@aol.com) From Cheshire BDM a George Charles William Dunk married a Honor Mary Bishop or a Honor Mary Wilson at Chester Civil Marriage Ref Roc/99/116.

Hello John - sorry for the delay! We are now even more mystified.......with your last email, the plot thickens! My mother has now given me the "ok" to put you in the picture with the following 'brief' information/explanation, as given to her by her mother - my grandma.......again, sorry for the delay on this!! I'll try to keep this simple, as we know it.......here goes:- The 'baby' in question (Margaret) was born to my grandma (Lily) in 1916. Lily was born in Wilmslow, Cheshire in 1898 > the youngest of a family of 14 children. At some early stage Lily left Wilmslow to live with her elder sister (Ann) at Brooke's Cottage, Pearl Street, Prestbury, Cheshire. Whilst living in Prestbury, Lily worked as a maid of some sorts for a local family > the Carswells; Lily fell pregnant to 'the younger son of the house' > Margaret ('the baby') was then born 1st July 1916. For some reason, Margaret was soon adopted by Ann > Lily's sister; Lily then left Prestbury.......and, apparently, the father of Margaret went to serve with the army in India, where he became a lieutenant. After leaving, Lily settled in a village some 10 miles + away from Prestbury.......there she married and went on to have a further 6 children > my mother (Betsy) being the eldest of this bunch - born in 1922. Betsy (my mother) has always believed/thought that this 'pregnancy/birth' had brought shame to all concerned in Prestbury > possibly because it was considered 'not-right', back in those days, to have a baby out-of-wedlock; whatever the reason/s, this was kept very 'hush hush'.......so much so that Margaret ('the baby') was heard to refer to herself as:- "I'm one of the unmentionables" when asked who she was!!! It was only by chance that my mother (Betsy) learned, at a young age, that Margaret was actually her half sister > not her cousin, as she (Betsy) was led to be believed > Betsy overheard Margaret call grandma (Lily) "mother" whilst on an occasional visit > when questioned about this, grandma briefly explained to my mother (Betsy) the above and that was that.............................. ........................Now here's where the plot thickens, with a possible twist to this tale > in your last email to me, you mention the name 'Ann Bradley' (being the mother of Thomas Carswell) and 'Bollin Grove,'.......'Bradley' was the surname of my grandma (Lily Bradley) and also her sister - Ann Bradley, with whom she (Lily) went to live at Brooke's Cottage, Pearl Street, Prestbury. The following quote is a paragraph taken from childhood memories, personally written by Margaret Bradley, titled Child Of The Village:- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Towards the end of the 19th Century two well-respected Wilmslow ladies were comparing the local families, thus:- "And there's the Bradleys!..." "Oh, you mean the quantity?!" "No," says her friend, Not the Quantity, I meant the Quality!" Aunty (Ann) was very proud of her family reputation. Her youngest sister, Lily (my natural mother) was the last of the Bradley family to come to live with Aunty. When she finished school here she was found a "place" with a local and much respected family. However, before her 18th birthday, a baby girl arrived (me); quite patently due to the attentions of the younger son of the house. Aunty valiantly supported her sister; adopted me and brought me up to be extremely cautious of all men. So I never "went out" with village boys. Soon after my arrival in Brooke's Cottage, Pearl Street, a mysterious letter arrived (from my natural father), addressed to 'The Pearl Of Pearl Street, Prestbury'. After much deliberation Aunty despatched it back into the post, headed:- "Not known at this address." -------------------------------------------------------- I (Charles) was born in 1962, from this time on I cannot remember ever seeing or hearing of Margaret visiting her mother (my grandma Lily) on a 'personal' visit. However, I am aware that she did keep contact through the post > letters, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards ect. > she also kept contact with my mother (Betsy) this way. My mother still has several of these letters/cards > Margarets address on each of these is 56 Bollin Grove, Prestbury, Cheshire, SK10 4JJ. My mother says, as far as she is aware, this has always been Margarets home address from being a very young age. I only met Aunty Margaret on 4 occasions:- my brothers wedding 1981, grandma Lily's funeral 1985, my cousin's wedding 1987 and my uncles funeral in 1990. Sadly, Margaret died in 2002. I would describe Aunty Margaret as a nice, polite, quietly spoken, royalty like person, with a dry sense of humour. Mother says it was not possible for her Aunty Ann Hough (nee Bradley) to have baby's (however, it is known that she had been married 3 times!!) > 'IF' this is correct, then this Ann cannot be the same Ann (Hannah) mentioned in your last email to me, as you say she had a son called Thomas > sorry, I don't know the birth year of Ann Hough. I think your Hannah (Ann) was most probably my grandma's Aunty. Unfortunately my mother doesn't know the names of her grand-parents (another strange mystery!) apart from the surname Bradley! I can tell you that my grandma Lily had a twin sister called Jane > Jane died aged 5 in 1903. They were the youngest of a family of 14 children (12 girls & 2 boys - known names listed below, dates not known), there mother died whilst giving birth to her 15th child > the child also died. 1: Ann 2: Phebe 3: Thomas 4: George 5: Lucy 6: Sarah 7: Fanny 8: Mary 9: Emma 10: Alice 11: ? 12: ? 13 & 14: Lily & Jane, born 2nd Sept, 1898. At the time of my grandma's birth they were living at Eccups Lane, Morley Green, Wilmslow, Cheshire. There's not much more I can enlighten you on now John regarding the birth of Aunty Margaret, other than the above 'brief' information/explanation as given to my mother by her mother - my grandma. If the name 'Bradley' and 'Bollin Grove' mentioned in your last email to me are 'not' just a coincidence then I would guess that my grandma had a baby to her cousin Thomas > this would further explain the secrecy surrounding this mystery. If this is correct, then my 'personal' connection/link with Hannah Carswell (nee Bradley) is similar to yours - she was a sister to my great grandfather Bradley! Hope you found the above of some interest and not too confusing > story telling was never my favourite subject, sorry! If you can investigate this mystery further with any of the information given, please feel free - my mother and I would be most grateful!! All the best - Chaz and Mother Betsy.

1944 Death CARSWELL Thomas 56 Macclesfield Cheshire East MAC/13A/31 Died of pneumonia following influenza. 
Carswell, Thomas (I58)
200 Birth CARSWELL Agnes Prestbury Cheshire East PRE/7/59 1857

Bought a guest house in Blackpool with sisters Margaret & Jean after Jeans husband George Hanwar Mottershead was accidently killed in a train accident. They stayed till Jeans son George Hanwar Carswell Mottershead completed his education.Died a spinster at Prestbury.

1891 Census.
2 Banks Street Layton with Wardrick Blackpool ,
Jean Carswell, Head, Widow age 75,Lodging House Keeper,employer, born Scotland.
Margaret Carswell, Single ,47,Assistant in house , born Scotland.
Agnes Carswell, daughter, single, 37, Assistant in House , born Cheshire.
George H C Mottershead,grandson ,Scholar,born Cheadle Hulme .
2 boarders listed.

1901 Census
Margaret Carswell ,head,57, Lodging House Keeper Norbreck Blackpool north Lanc.,born Scotland
Agnes Carswell ,Sister, Partner in House ,47, born Prestbury , Cheshire.
Robert Carswell, Brother, 51 , No occupation , born Prestbury Cheshire.

Betty Tournier writes 2002 :-" When Herbert Room died my grandmother(Jean) & Aunt Aggie tried living together but without Aunt Maggie ,they could not get on together & my grandmother came to us. Aunt Aggie went to live in a tiny cottage attached to Bollin Grove House. ,often filled with stray cats. She always insisted that she wanted to be buried at Bispham near Blackpool as Robert (her brother) was lonely there but she died during the war & had to be buried at Prestbury. I have never been able to locate her grave. I remember her as a tiny lady in a long black skirt with a straw hat tied under her chin & a basket ready to pick rasberries. When old Uncle Tom Carswell died they had to buy out Harry's widow & were strugling financially for some years so rasberries provided an important income. .-fresh rasberies,bottled rasberies,rasbery jam & rasbery vinigar ect.Things were easier when Aunt Janet inherited money from Uncle Willie Handford. Young Uncle Tom was a happy simple man adept of keeping out of Aunt Janets way as she always had a long list of things for him to do." 
Carswell, Agnes (I53)

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